Guillaume began his entrance into his home which by all appearances, was not beginning to take on the appearance of a stranger’s anymore, even allowing for all the travel he contractually felt was necessary. It was now the stuff of myths the amount of flying plus sailing that were part of his weekly regimen. His contract was written so that he was able to have 14 nights on as well as then having 10 nights off to follow. It was starting to take a toll on his psyche but he was sure to make allowances each morning when using his regular tai chi movements.

Guillaume put his sticks on the floor of his lounge room then cast a cautious eye southeast at the house. The light in the loft was still on even though it was now only beginning to approach twilight. He felt certain that once more, that that light was never in the off position. What was happening in the loft he was only able to guess but he now felt astute enough to approach the house to knock once more. He knew that the usual clamorous greeting will be there waiting – but to only look upstairs, if only for a moment will be more than enough to fill a chapter. A couple of amusing pages at least !

As he went past his bags with the now famous fish logo covering the majority of the front pockets, he cast his eyes into the last rays of the azure sun.  He became curious as to what may occur if only he was able to voice his opinion without having it written up in all the papers as out of context. Being here at the Estate, he knew, gave him a sense of calming, closure almost. No-one here knew who he was, where he went or what his vocation was – which was fine to him.

He saw on his timetable that it was another gathering of Caius College wannabes tonight near the city. He began to assemble himself, reaching for the now familiar navy blue tie along with the charcoal slacks which were now customary to be seen in at these things. As the evening began to get closer, he knew that this night will probably seem like all the others that were before him. Just so long as he was back here tonight by 12:00 a.m., all the time that he knew he may require so that he was able to set up all the receiving apparatus as well as the transmitting gear for the next shift was his.


Your character is the thinker.

He/she lives at No 8 Bridge Rd. Bridge Rd actually crosses two bridges in its length. North of the thinker's house is where the road comes to a dead end. The thinker lives on the west side of the road. To the south, there is one house between the thinker's and the river. To the west, there is only dense forest, against which the thinker's house backs.

Our thinker's home is surrounded by five other homes, one north, one south, and three across the road.

The thinker has a depth to his/her personality, but there is something dangerous about him/her. The thinker is solitary and knows little about his/her neighbours except that one of them (to the southeast) hasn't been out for some time.