The path that I chose has led me to this: being chained up, opposite the court-house that would, had my plans borne fruit, be rubble by now. Blame lies with the grasses who chose to inform their friends in the court-house that the building would receive “a terrible blow”, and that they had better stay clear. Thus my planning and labour have come to naught, and I wait helplessly as - hark! - the executioner slowly approaches. I, an honest, faithful son of Mother Nature, was waiting in silent anticipatory triumph like a camouflaged predator, before those cowards betrayed me and chose brown over green, letting the court-house know that their neighbour’s ostensible servant “Johnson” was in fact a good soldier preparing to sink their brash ark. The dire, brute lecher court dares con us, abuse us, defile us, rape us!

I see the swishing robe of the executioner brush along the grimy street. A puny, grating, badly-tuned viol wheedles from the north of the Estate. Had I succeeded, the grave, dark days of the eleventh month could have been filled with light by my heroic deeds. Instead posterity will celebrate, on this day every year, my death and the victory of the destroyers.


Your character is the Eco-Terrorist.

The eco-terrorist lives at 22 Bridge Rd. This is another house in the enclave.

The eco-terrorist live directly across the road from the Mercenary (move8) so talking to this player may help.

The eco-terrorist has dense jungle at the end of his/her garden. He/she lives at the southernmost edge of the Estate. Other neighbours include the Hook Lane Video Store (to the North East) and the Widow (to the North West).

The eco-terrorist has the dubious pleasure of living right next door to the estate court-house, which lies between his/her home and the point where the river exits through the south edge of the Estate.