"How are legendary islands buried underneath tsunamis -"
The weathered, wrinkled fisher guts a halibut as he muses -
"Seldom mourned, when noble isles seized by callous armies
Dog our minds, we martyred folk driven from a martyred land?"
This is what the aged fisherman strives to understand.

He is hauling in today's last catch, dwarfed by the sour dusk,
When a glossy frog leaps sideways from the roughly drawn-in net,
Seeing the fisherman, no doubt, as a behemoth, some threat.
This fleeing frog reminds the fisher what it was to be a coward:
The gentleness and peace that the warmonger abuses,
How his people left their country when invading generals loured.
Forty-seven years in exile, in this strange, bewitched estate,
With the meek calm of the newcomer; and in this calm he drowned
His true feeling, which he now knows: rotting, septic hate.

To the west, a guitar snarls an angry, grinding sound,
And now here comes the twilight, as night's hustling shadows grow.
Is it the fisher or the blackness that screams a defiant "No!"?
"I will not live my life displaced, a thin, discarded husk.
I won't accept - I can't accept - my land does not live on."
And in the rebellious darkness, he shouts his country's name.

"However evil rapists rape, inside nothing's gone -"
He puts aside the herring and reels in his rod -
"I'll lead a valiant army, our nation to reclaim:
My anger's my messiah; my kingdom is my god."


Your character is the fisher.

This is the first move that occurs in the enclave south of the river. The enclave consists of sixteen locations. This one is the north-easternmost.

Your character lives at No. 5 Hook lane. Hook lane runs off Bridge Rd. The fisher lives on a corner (or on the hook) of Hook lane. Two sides of this character's house back onto the river, the north and the east. Because of the river, the fisher only has three neighbours. To the south is the linguist (who frankly give the fisher the shits) and to the west is the Rock Star, who plays dark dark music very loudly when depressed.

The fisher can see the castle out his/her back window to the northeast.