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my work progresses as it should, and soon, once I am finished, my greatness shall be known to all. I have nearly completed my great triumph, my design detailing the astral forces at work on the estate. in the center of the astral junction lies the estate, the crux of the astral plane. the twin forces of time and space are supports, holding up the great energies. of the two, space is the more important issue, separating the positive from the negative forces. each of these sides is divided further into tiers, which are dominated by the constellations and signs of the zodiac. only one remains unknown to me. of course, these are not the only sections, but it is only these nine that are free from the influence of time and space. here, these are at one. the formula of power relies on the rest. each tier under the influence of time must be counted twice (including the crux). each tier under space also has double influence. then, to these must be added those the pair of forces affect, but not the estate. thus, my great work draws to a close.


Your character is The Mystic. The Mystic lives on the lake at number 5 Noman Way.

The Mystic has a great view of the castle on the lake and lives across the road from the Ferryman.

The Mystic, however, is a bit of a sham. This isn't a mystic location in the game, but it's near one, so the Mystic senses the mysticity (if there is such a word) of his/her world without actually experiencing it.