Acronyms are words or phrases formed by the initial letters of a set of words. Acronyms are not widely used in OuLiPo, but have been employed in, for instance Acrostic Poems, for decades. Essentially, they form hidden phrases within a text.

In The Estate Game, acronyms are usually based on a key number, where either every n-th word or n-th sentence must commence with a letter that, when combined, appears elsewhere in the text.

Example (Acronym on Key Number 3)

"This is an example."

However you try, after one hour of pretty intense scrubbing and sweeping, involving purple iodine (applied too swiftly), swathes of antibacterial bug killer, non-stick sprayon oils etc, gases like xylon, neon and argon, the damned mess won't be pushed off the linen. Now what, Einstein?