"Oulipians rarely wrote anagrams before the election of two recent members, Oskar Pastior and Michelle Grangaud, each of whom uses the procedure with not only virtuosity but a poetic seriousness that has purged it of its traditional slyness and turned it into a productive literary resource."

Oulipo Compendium, 48

Anagrams are widely used in puzzles, especially crossword puzzles, a favourite of many OuLiPo writers. Anagram formations in The Estate may be strict rearrangements where one sentence is an anagram of another, or they may be categorical anagrams, where a specific set of letters is permitted for use in the move.

Some specific examples of this (that are documented elsewhere) are the Prisoner's Constraint and the Pentonimo. Others may be "homage" anagrams, where you are required to write a text using the letters from a given phrase or name associated with OuLiPo. A particularly well known example of this is a Perec Anagram, which must use the letters in the name "Georges Perec."