Also known as the Prisoner's Restriction, it is a multiple lipogram.

You are a prisoner in a solitary cell. You receive a small piece of paper and a pencil. In order to conserve space as much as you can, you decide to write only using letters that do not extend above or below the line. This means you may use the following letters only:

a, c, e, i, m, n, o, r, s, u, v, w, x, z

You can't use the letters:

b, d, f, g, h, j, k, l, p, q, t, y

Here is a fairly long list of words that can be created using the prisoner's constraint:

This list includes proper names and a variety of terms. Should be a sufficient vocabulary to get you started...

a Corin Marv o-o sexiness
AA corinna marver Oona sexism
AAE Corinne Marvin oos sex-maniac
Aar corium Marx oose sex-maniacs
Aaron corm Marxian ooze si
Aaronic cormous Marxism oozers Si
AAS corms Marx's oozes SI
AC corn Masai or Siam
ac corn snow Masan ora Siamese
AC cornaceous masc Ora Sian
ACAA cornea mascara Oran Siana
acacia corneas mascon orarion sic
acarine corner maser orarium Sicanian
acarus corner man masers orc sice
access corners Maseru orcein Sices
accessaries cornice mason orcus Siemens
accesses cornier mason ore Siena
accession corniness Masonic Ore Sienese
accessor Corno masons Orem sienna
accessories corns Masora ores sierra
accra cornu mass ore's sierras
accrue cornua Mass orexis sieve
accrues Coro Massa Ori sieves
accuracies corona massacre Orinoco Sim
accurse coronae massacres Orion sim
accurses coronaries masse orison Sima
accuse coronas masses orisons sima
accuser coroner masseur ormer simar
accuses coroners masseurs Ornas simca
ace Coronis masseuse Orne Simeon
acer corozo massier Ornie simmer
acerous corr massive ornis simmers
aces Corr masurium Orr Simon
acescence corrie Mau mau orreries simone
Acie corries Mauer Orrin simoniac
Acima corrosion Maui orris Simons
acinaceous corrosive maun orrow simon's
acinous corsac Maura orsino Sims
acinus corsair Maureen orson sin
Acis corsairs Maurice Oruro Sina
acme corse mauser ORUSS Sinai
acmes Corsica mausers Orv since
Acmon Corsican mauve orzae sincere
acne Corso mauves OS sincereness
acorn Corunna mavin os sine
acorn worm corves Mavis OSA sine curve
acorns corvine Mavra Oscan sine wave
acorn's Corvus maw Oscar sinecure
acosmism cos Max Oscar sinecures
acre Cos max oscars sinecurism
acres COS maxi oscar's sines
acrimonious cose Maxie oscine sinew
across cosec maxim osier sinewave
Acrux Cosenza maxima Osirian sinewaves
acumen cosier maximin Osiris sinews
acus cosies maximise Osman Sinis
ae cosine maximiser osmious sinn
AE cosines maximises osmium sinner
ae cosiness maximize osmiums sinners
AEC Cosma maximizer osmose Sinon
aecia cosmic maximizes osmosis sins
aecium cosmism maxims osram sin's
Aee cosmorama maxim's osric sinuous
Aeneas cosmos maximum OSS sinus
aeneous coss maximus Ossa sinuses
aeon cossie Maxine ossarium Siouan
aeonic cou-cou maxixe ossein Sioux
aeons coumarin Maxma osseous sir
Aeria courier mazar Ossian Sir
aerie couriers mazarine Ossie Siracusa
aeries course maze ouan sire
aero courser maze oui siren
aesc coursers mazes ounce sirenians
Aesir courses mazier ounces sirenic
Aia couscous mazuma our sirens
AIA cousin mazur ourari sires
Aias cousins MC our'n siriasis
AIC cove mc ours Sirius
Aiea coven Mc ova sirocco
aim covens mc ovaries sirs
aims cover Mcenroe oven Sis
ain covers MCI ovens Siva
Ainu coves mci ovenwares Sivaism
air covin me over Sivan
air covina Me over-anxious siver
air cover covinous me overarms six
air mass cow MEA overawe six
air sac Cowan mean overawes sixain
aircar cower mean sun overcame sixes
aircrew cowers meaner overcome size
aircrewman cowes meanie overcomes sizes
Aires cowman meanness overinsure siziness
airiness cowmen means overnice SM
airman Cown measure overran Sm
airmen cowrie measurer overrun SMA
airs cows measurers over-run smarm
airwave cox measures overruns smarms
airwaves coxswain Mecca overs smear
airwoman coze meccan overscore smearier
ais cozen meccano oversea smeariness
am cozener meccas overseas smears
Am Cozens meconiums oversee smew
AMA cozier Mee overseen SMM
amain Cr mee overseer SN
Aman CR Meer overseers snare
amanuensis cr meese oversees snares
Amar Cracow Mei oversew sneer
amass Crain meinies oversewn sneerer
amasser cram Meissen oversure sneers
amasses Cramer mem overuse sneeze
amaze cramer's meme over-use sneezes
amazer crammer Memnon overuses snooze
amazes crammers memo overview snoozer
Amazon crams memoir overviews snoozers
amazons Cran memoirs overwore snoozes
Ame crane memoriam overworn snore
ameer crane memories oves snorers
ameiosis cranes memorise ovine snores
Amen crane's memorises ovisac snow
amen corner crania memorize ovum snow
Amen-ra cranium memos ow snow-in-summer
amens craniums men owe snowman
Amer cranmer Mena Owena snowmen
amerce crannies menace Owenism snows
America crare menacer Owens so
American crases menacers owen's so
Americanism crasis menaces owes soames
americanisms crass mene OWI soar
Americans crave Menes own soars
American's craven meniscus owner soave
Americas craves meno owners Soc
America's craw men-o-war owner's soccer
americium craws men's owns Socinian
Ames craze mens rea ox socio-economic
Ami crazes men's room Ox socman
Amias crazier mensa oxen socmen
Amice craziness mense oxime soir
amicus curiae cream menses oxon soiree
amiens creamer menu Oxonian some
amies creameries menus oxonians someone
Amii creamers Menzies oz someone's
aminic creamier meows Oza somme
amino creams Meras ozaena Somni
amir creance Merc ozone Somnus
amiss crease mercenaries ozones son
Amman creases mercer ozonic sonar
ammine cree mercerize ozonize sonia
ammo Cree Merci ozonizes sonic
Ammon creme mercian Ozzie sonics
ammonia Creon mercies R Sonora
ammoniac cress mercuric r sonorous
ammonium crevasse mercurous R i sons
amnesia crevasses mere ra son's
amnesiac crevice meres Ra Soo
amnion crevices Meri raccoon soom
Amon crew merino race soon
Amon-ra crewe merinos race sooner
Amor crewman Meris racecourse sorcerer
amora crewmen merman racecourses sorcerers
amorini crews mermen raceme sorcerer's
amorino crier merrie racemism sorceress
amoroso criers merrier racer sorceries
amorous cries Merse racers sorceror
amorousness crime Mersenne races sorcerous
amour Crimea mesmeric racier sore
amours Crimean mesmerise Racine soreness
Amri Crimean war mesmerism raciness sorer
amu crimes mesmerize racism sores
Amur crimmer meson racoon sori
amuse crimson mesons racoons sorn
amuses crimsons Mesozoic Rae sorner
an crine mess Rai soroses
ana crinose messan rain sorosis
ana crinum messes rainier sorrier
anacruses crises messiaen rains sorrow
anacrusis crisis messiaen's raisa sorrows
anaemia crissa messianic raise SOS
anaemic Crius messieur raiser so's
anamnesis crocus messieurs raisers so-so
Anana crocuses Messina raises sou
Ananias cromer Messrs raisin sour
anasarca cromorne meu raisins sour cream
anasarcous crone meuse ram source
ANC crones Mev Rama sources
ancon cronies mew Rame sourness
Ancona Cronus mews rameau sours
ancones croon Mexican Rameses Sousa
ane crooner Mexicans ramesses souse
anear crooners Mexico Ramin souses
anemone croons mezereon rammer souvenir
anemones crosier mezereum ramon souvenirs
anes cross mezzanine Ramona sow
aneurin cross mezzo rams sowans
anew crossarm mi ram's sowar
Anica Crosse MI ramson sower
anima crosser MIA ramsons sowers
anime crosses Miami ramus sown
animism crossover miaou ran SR
animus crossovers miaow ran sri
anion crosswise miaows Rana SS
anionic crow miasma Rance ss
anions crown Mic rancorous SSE
Anis crown saw mica rancour SSR
anis crowns Micco ranee SSW
anise crown's mice Ranee su
anism crows Micmac rani Su
anmia croze micro Ranie suasion
Anna crozier microcosm Rann suave
Annam cru microcosmic ransom suaveness
Annamese cruces micron Ransome success
annas crucian Micronesia ransomer succession
Anne cruise microns ransomers successive
anne's cruiser micros ransoms successor
annex cruisers micro's Rao succinic
annexe cruises microvaxes rara avis succour
annexes crum microwave rare succours
Anni crummier microwave oven rareness succuss
Annie cruor microwaves rarer succussion
anniversaries crura MIE Ras sucre
announce cruse mien rasa sucre
announcer Crusoe mim rase sucrier
announcers crusoes mime Rasia sucrose
announces crux mimer rasse sue
annum crux mimers raucous sue
Annwn cruzeiro mimes raucousness sues
anoa CS mimic rave Suez
anoesis CS mimicries raven Sui
anomia Cs mimics raven Suisse
anon CSA Mimir Ravenna sum
anorexia csc mimosa ravenous sumac
anorexic CSC mimosas ravens Sumer
anourous CU min raven's Sumeria
ans Cu Min raver Sumerian
Anse cu in Mina ravers summaries
ANSI cue minacious raves summarise
Anson cues minae Ravi summariser
answer cui mince ravin summarisers
answerer cuirass mincer ravine summarises
answers cuirassier minces ravines summarize
answer's cuisine mine raw summarizes
Anu cuisse mine rawness summer
anura cum miner raze Summers
anuresis cumarin miners razee summer's
anuria cumin Minerva razer summon
anuric cumins mines razes summoner
anurous cummer mine's razoo summoners
anus Cummins mini razor summons
anuses Cunaxa minim razors sumo
anxious Cuneo minima razzia sums
anxivs cur minimax RC sun
anzac Curacao minimise RCS suncream
Anzio curacies minimiser re sunn
ANZUS curare minimises Re sunni
AOU curarine minimize re-access sunnier
AR curassow minimizes Reace sunniness
ar curcuma minims ream sunrise
Ar cure minimum reamer sun-rise
ARA curer minimus reams sunroom
araceous cures minion reannex suns
aramaic curia minions rear sun's
Aran curie minis rearise Suomi
araucaria curio mini's rearisen sura
Arawn curios mini-series rearm Sura
arc curiosa Minne re-arm surcease
arc curious Minni rearms Sure
arca curium Minnie rearose surer
arcana curn minnow rearouse sure's
arcane curr minnows rears Surinam
arcaneness currencies Mino reason surmise
arcanum currie Minoan reasoner surmises
arco curries minor reasoners surname
arcs curs minor axis reasons surnames
arcs curse Minorca reason's surname's
arc's curser minors reassume surv
arcus Curses Minos reassurance survive
are cursive mins reassurances survives
area cursor minus reassure survivor
areas cursors minuses reaver survivors
areca curvaceous minx rec survivor's
arena curve minxes rec room Susan
arenas curves Miocene recce susanna
Ares curvier miosis receive Susian
Ari cuscus mir receiver Susie
aria cusec MIR receivers suss
arian CUSO Mira receives Sussex
Arianism CV mire recension Susu
arias CWA mires recess Susumu
Aric cwo miri recesses Suva
Aries czar Miriam recession Suzanne
Ariew czarevna mirier recessive suzerain
Ario czarina mirror recommences suzerains
ariose czarism mirrors reconnaissance Suzie
arioso czars MIRV reconversion Svizzera
arise Czur mirza recourse SW
arisen e mis recover Sw
arises E miscarries recoveries swain
Arius Ea miscue recovers swains
Arizona EA mise recross swam
Arizonan EAM miser recur swami
arm eamonn misere recurrence swan
Arm ear miseries recurs Swane
arm earn misers recurse Swanee
Armen earner misname recurses swann
Armenia earners misnames recursion swans
armenians earns misnomer recursions Swansea
armies ears misnomers recursive swarm
Arminian ear's miso recurve swarms
Arminianism earwax miss reen Swazi
armoire ease misseem Rees SW-E
armor easer misses reeve swear
Armorican eases missies Reeves swear in
Armour easier mission rein swearer
armourer easiness missionaries rein in swearers
armourers eave missions reincrease swears
armourer's eaves missis reins Swee
armouries ec missive Reis sweer
armours EC missives reissue swerve
armour-use ECA Missouri re-issues swerver
arms eccrine Missourian reive swerves
arm's economic missus rem sweven
arms race economics misuse Rema swi
armure economies misuser remain swim
arna economise misuses remains swimmer
arne economiser Miun reman swims
Arni economize mix remarries swine
Arno economizes mixer REME swines
aroma ecru mixers remeasure swiss
aromas ECU mixes remex swive
Aron ecu Mizar reminisce swoon
arose Ecua mizen reminiscence swoons
arouse ecumenics mizens reminisces swore
arouser ecurie mizzen remise sworn
arouses eczema mizzens remiss swum
arr EE MM remission U
arran ee mm remix u
arras EEE MME remora UAM
arrear een Mn remorse UAR
arrears e'en MNA remove UC
arris eer MNAS remover uc
arrive eerie mneme removers UM
arrives eerier mnemic removes Ume
arrow eeriness mnemonic rems UMW
arrows Einar mnemonics Remus UN
arse eirenic Mo Rena un
arsenic Eiser MO renaissance UNA
arses em moa rename un-american
arsino Em moan renames unanimous
arson EM moaner Renan unaware
arum 'em moaners Rene unawares
Aruru emacs moans renew uncanonise
Arv emcee moc renewers UNCIO
arvo eme moca renews uncommon
Arvo Emee moccasin Renie unconscious
arwen emeer moccasins rennes uncover
as Emerson Moe Reno uncovers
As emersons MOI Renoir uncross
A's emesis moir renounce uncus
asa emeu Moira renouncers une
asana Emie Moirai renounces unease
Asar eminence moire renown uneasiness
asarum eminences mom renvoi uneconomic
ascariasis emir mome Reo unenvious
ascension emirs momism reran UNESCO
asci emissaries momma rerun uneven
ASCII emission momma's re-run unevenness
Ase emissions mom's res unevennesses
Asia Emma Momus resave uni
Asia minor emmer mon resaves Uni
Asian Emmies mon rescreen unicorn
Asianic emmons Monacan rescue unicorns
Asians ems Monaco rescuer unicorn's
asimov emu monas rescuers union
asimov's emu monecious rescues unionism
Asine emus monic Rese unionizes
asinine en masse Monica reseau unions
Asir enamor monica's Resee union's
ASN enamour Monie reserve unisex
Asni enamours monies reserves unison
ass enc Moniz reservoir unisons
ass encaenia mono reservoirs Univac
assai encase Monoceros resin universe
assam encases monomania resins universes
asses encomium monomer resonance universe's
Assisi encomiums monomeric resonances UNIX
assize Encore monomers Resor unman
assizes encores monos resource unmew
ass's ENE Monro resources unmnemonic
assume enema Monroe Ress unmown
assumes enemas Monrovia resume unnerve
Assur enemies mons resumes unnerves
assurance eniacs Mons re-union uno
assurances ennui monsieur reunions Uno
assure eno monsieurs re-use unreason
assures Enone monsoon reuses unsawn
ASU enorm monza rev unscrew
Asuncion enormous moo revenue unscrews
Asura enormousness moon revenues unseen
ASW Enos moonie revenue's un-serious
aswoon enosis moonies revere unsown
AU enounce moons reverence unsure
Au enow moon's reverer unsureness
au revoir Enrico moor reveres unswore
AUA ens Moore reverie unsworn
AUC ensconce moors reveries unwariness
Auer ensnare moor's revers unwise
Aum ensnares moose reverse unwiseness
AUM Ensor mor reverser unwon
Aun ensue mora reverses unworn
aune ensues Mora reversi unzio
aura ensure moraine reversion ur
auras ensures Moran reverso Ur
aurei enure morass review uraeuses
aureus enures Moravia reviewer urania
au-revoir enuresis morceau reviewers Uranian
Auria envies morceaux reviews uranic
auric envious more revise uranism
aurora enviousness More reviser uranium
aurorae environ moreen revisers Uranus
aurous environs moreover revises urari
aurum envision mores revision urea
Ause envoi more's revisions uremia
aussie eo Moresco revisor urena
aussies Eocene morion revive Uri
aux Eoin Morisco revivers Uria
Av eom Mormon revives uric
AV eon Mormons revivor Urina
Ava eonian morn revue urine
ava eons Moro revues urines
avarice Eos Moroccan Rew urinous
avaricious eosin Morocco rewa-rewa Urion
avariciousness eosins moron rewire Urmia
AVC Eozoic moronic rewires urn
Ave ER moronism rewoven urn's
Ave maria ER morons Rex Ursa minor
avens era Moros Rexer Ursas
avenue eras morose Rexine ursine
avenues erase moroseness RI Urson
Avera eraser Morra Ri urus
Avernus erasers morris Ria us
averse erases Morrison Riana us
aversion erasion morro Ric USA
aversive Erasmian morrow Rica USAR
Aves Erasmus Mors rice use
Avi erasure Morse rice USECC
avian erasures morse ricercari user
avion ere morwen rices user-area
avionic Eri mos Rico users
Avis Eric Mosa Rie user's
aviso erica mosaic Riemann uses
avisos ericas mosaics Riemannian USIA
Aviva eric's mosasaur rien USIS
avn Erie Moscow rier USMA
avo Erin Mose Ries USN
avon's Erivan Moses Riess USNA
avower Erma moses's riesz USR
avowries ermine moss rim USS
Avram ermines Moss Rima USSR
Avrom ern moss rose rime usu
aw Erna mosses rimer usurer
AW Erne mossie Rimini usurers
awa erne mosso rims usurious
aware Ernie moss's rimu USV
awareness erosion Mou Rina usw
awe erosive moue Rinee UUM
awes err moues rinse UV
awesome erron mourn rinser uxorious
awesomeness erroneous mourner rinsers v
awmous erroneousness mourners rinses V
awn error mourns Rior v aux
awner errors mouse RISC v irr
ax errs mouse-ear rise VA
ax ers mouser rise Vaas
Axa erses mousers risen vac
axe Erv mouse's riser vacancies
axeman Erwin mousse risers vaccares
axer Erwinia mousses rises vaccine
axes ES move Riss vaccines
axe's Es move in Rissa vacs
axiom 'e's mover riv vacua
axioms esc movers Riva vacuo
axis ESE moves riven vacuous
axmen esne movie river vacuum
az ESRO movies riverine vacuums
azan ess mow rivers vain
azine Essa mower Rives Vaios
azo Essam mowers Riviera vair
azoic esse mown Riza vamoose
azonic Essen mows rm vamose
Azores essence moxa RMA van
azure essences moxie RMC Vance
C Essene Mozes RMS Vancouver
c Essex Mr rms vane
CA esu Mr Rn vanes
ca Eu MR RN Vanessa
ca' eu MRA RNA Vania
CAA eucaine MRC Ro Vanir
CAC Eunice mrem ro Vanna
Caca Eurasia Mrs RO Vano
cacao Eurasian Ms roam vans
cacaos eurasians ms roamer Var
Cacia eurovision m's roamers VAR
caecum Eurus MSC roams var
Caen Ev MSIE roan vara
Caesar EV MSM roar varas
Caesarea EVA MSME roars varec
caesarean evan MSN rococo varese
Caesarian evanesces MSS roe variance
caesarism Evans MSW roe variances
caesars evasion mu Roee varicose
caesium evasions mu meson roes varies
caesura evasive mucic ROM various
Cain eve mucin ROM varna
cain even mucosae Romaic Varna
Caine Even mucous Roman Varuna
cainozoic evenness mucro Roman nose vas
Cairene evens mucus romance vasa
cairn ever Muir romancer vase
cairns evermore mum romances vases
Cairo Evie mumm Romanes vavasories
caisson Evin mummer Romanic Vax
caissons evince mummers Romanies vaxes
caius evinces mummies Romanise Vee
cam Evonne mumon Romanism veer
Camas Evora mums Romanov veers
camass Evva Mun Romans vein
came Ewa Muna Rome veinier
cameo ewe munnion Romeo veinous
cameo ware ewe Munro romeos veins
cameos Ewen Munson rome's Vena
camera ewer muon Romie vena cava
cameraman ewer Mure Romo venae
cameramen ewers Mures roms veneer
cameras ewes murex Rona veneers
camera's ex murine rone venerer
Cameron exam murmur roneo Venezia
Cameroon examen murmurer ronin veni
Cameroun examine murmurers Ronni Venice
Cami examinee murmurs Ronnie venice's
camion examinees murra roo venison
camions examiner mus room venom
Camm examiners Musa roomies venomous
cams examines musaceous rooms venoms
camus exams Musca room's venose
can Exc muscarine roos venous
can exc muse roose venue
cana excess muse Rora venues
Canaan excesses muser Rorie Venus
Canarese excessive musers Ros Venuses
canaries excise muses rosace Venusian
cancans excises muse's rosaceous Venusians
cancer excision museum rosaries Ver
cancerous excisions museums rosarium Vera
cancers excrescence music Roscian veracious
cancrine excresence music-cure Roscius Veracruz
cane excursion musician Rosco vermes
caner excursions musicians Roscommon vermin
canes excuse musics rose verminous
canine excuses music's rosemaries vermins
canines excusive muso roses vermis
Canis minor exercise muss Rosie Verne
Cann exerciser muzorewa rosin vernier
Cannae exercises Mv rosiness Vernon
cannes eximious mv rosins Verona
canniness exine mv ross Veronese
cannon exmoor mw rossini verruca
cannons exocism MWA rossini's verrucae
canoe exocisms Mwanza roucou verrucas
canoes exocrines mzee roue verrucose
canon exorcise Mzi Rouen vers
canonises exorcism N roumania versa
canonize exorcisms 'n' rounce verse
canons exorcize NA rouse verses
cans exorcizes Na rouser version
Canso exr Naam rousers versions
canvas ex-serviceman nacre rouses verso
canvass exuviae nacreous Rousseau versus
canvasser Ezara nacres rove vervain
canvassers Ezr nae rover verve
canvasser's Ezzo naevus rovers vesica
canvasses I naiman rover's vesicae
canzona I naira roves Vesuvius
canzone I am naive row vex
canzoni I am a Nam rowan vexer
car Ia name rowan vexers
car ia Namen Rowe vexes
Cara IAEA names Rowena Vezza
caracara IAM name's rower vi
Caracas Ian Nammu rowers VI
caravan ians Nan rows via
caravans Ian's nana Rox vicar
caravanserai IAS Nance Roxana vicarious
carcase Iaso nane Roxane vicars
carcass IC nanism Roxanne vice
carcasses IC Nanna Roxine vice versa
carcinoma ic nannies Roz Vicenza
carcinomas ICA nano RR vices
care ICAO naoi rs vice-versa
CARE Icarian Naomi rsum vici
care Icarus naomi's RSV vicious
careen ICC naos Ru viciousness
careens ice Nara rue vie
career ice axe narceine rues Vienna
careers ice cream narcissism ruin view
carer ice-cream cone narcissus ruiner viewer
carers iceman narcosis ruiners viewers
carer's icemen nares ruinous viewier
cares Iceni Narine ruins views
Caresa ices narnia Ruiz view's
caress icier narrow rum viewscreens
caresses iciness narrower Rumania VIII
Carew icon narrowers rumen vim
careworn icons narrowness rumens vimana
Cari ICS narrows Rumi vims
cariama IE NASA rumness Vin
caries IE Nasi rumor Vina
Carina Ier nasion rumor vinca
carinas II Nason rumors Vince
carious III Nassau rumour Vinci
Carissa Iives nasser rumours vine
Carman IM Nauru rums vineries
Carmen Im Nauruan run vines
carmine I'm nausea run across Vinn
carmines I'm a nauseous run on Vinna
Carn iman nav run over vinos
carn Iman Nava runcie vinous
Carnac Imena navarin runcie's Vins
carne immanence navarone rune Viren
carneous immense Navarre runes vireos
carnies immenseness nave runic virus
Carnivora immerse naves run-in viruses
carnivore immerses navew run-ins vis
carnivores immersion navvies runner visa
carnivorous imminence naw runners visas
carnose immune Naze runnier vis-a-vis
Caro immunise Nazi run-on viscera
carom immunises nazir runs viscose
carouse immure Nazis ruse viscous
carouses immures Nazism ruses viscus
Carrara Imo NC Russ vision
Carri Imroz nci Russia visionaries
Carrie in NEA Russian visions
carrier in near Russianise visive
carriers in esse nearer Russians visor
carries in re near-miss Russon visors
carrion in rem nearness RV Viv
cars in vivo nears S viva
car's inaccuracies Neau s vivace
carse inane Nec s sc vivacious
Carson inaneness necro SA vivarium
Caruso inaner necromancer sa vivariums
carve Inanna necromancers sac vive
carver inarm necromancer's SAC viverrine
carves Inc necromancess sacre vives
CAS Inc necrose sacrum Vivia
casa Inca necrosis sacrums Vivian
Casanova Incan Nee SAE Vivien
casca in-car ne'er saice vivo
cascaras Incas nem con Sair vivre
case incase nemeses Sais vixen
casein incense nemesia Saiva vixens
caseins incenses nemesis Sam viz
caseous incienso nemo SAM vizor
cases incise nene Saman vizors
casewise incises neo Samaria VMS
caseworm incision Neom samarium vo
Casie incisions neon same voces
casino incisive Neona sameness voe
casinos incisor neons Sami voes
Casio incisors Neozoic Samia voice
cassia incisure Nereus Samian voices
Cassie incivism Nerine Samian ware voice's
cassimere income nerissa Samoa vomer
cassio incomer Nerva Samoan vomica
cassis incomes nerve SAMOS voracious
Cassius inconnu nerves Samos Voss
casson incor nervine samovar vow
casuarina in-core nervous Sam's vower
Caucasia increase nervousness samsara vowers
Caucasians increases nervure Samson vows
Caucasus incur Neses samurai vr
caucus incurs Ness San vroom
cause incursion Nessi San marino VS
causes incursions Nessie sane w
cav incursive Neu saneness W
Cav Ines Neumann saner WA
cava inessive neume sanies WAAC
Cavan Inez neuroma sans wae
cave inion neuromas Sara wain
cave INMOS neuron Saracen wair
cave-in inn neurons Saracenism waive
caveman Inn neuroses Saracens waiver
cavemen inner neurosis saran waivers
cavern inner ear Neuss sarcasm waives
cavernous inners neve sarcasms wame
caverns innes never sarcoma wammus
caves innocence nevermore sarcous wammuses
cave's innocuous nevi Saree wamus
cavesson innoxious nevis sari wamuses
caviar inns new Sari wan
caviare ins New mexico saris Wan
caviares INS new moon saronic wane
caviars insane New wave saros wanes
cavicorn insaneness newcomer sarracenia wanion
cavie insecure newcomers sarrazin wanna
caw in-service newer sarsen war
Caz insincere Newman Sarum war crime
CC insnare new-mown sas war-cries
CC insomnia newness sasin war-crimes
CCA insomniac news sass warcs
CCC insomniacs new's Sassari ware
ccm insurance newsies sassoon wares
CCR insurances newsman Sau wariness
CE insure newsman's sauce warison
ce insurer newsmen saucer warm
cease insurers newswoman saucers warmer
ceases insures newswomen sauces warmers
cecum inure new-wave saucier warmness
cen inures Nexo sauciness warms
Cenozoic in-use nexus sauna warn
censer inv Ni saunas warner
censor Invar NIA savanna warners
censorian invariance niacin savarin warns
censors invasion Nicaean save warren
censure invasions nice saver warrener
censures invasive nicea savers warrens
census Inverness Nicene saves warrior
censuses inverse niceness savin warriors
cera inverses nicer savior wars
Ceram inversion Nico saviors war's
ceramic inversions Nicosia Saviour Warsaw
ceramics invoice niece saviours was
cercaria invoices nieces savoir wase
cercarian IO niece's savor wasim
cercis ion nieve savorer Wasserman
cercus ione nim savors waur
ceremonies Ionia nimon savour wave
ceremonious Ionian Nims savours waver
cereous ionic nine saw wavers
Ceres ionise Nine saw waves
ceresin ionises nines sawn waw
ceria ionize ninnies saws wawa
ceric ionizes Ninon sax wax
ceriman ionomer nirvana Saxe waxen
cerise ionone Nis Saxon waxer
cerium ions Nisan Saxonic waxes
Cern Ios nisi Saxons waxier
CERN IOU Nissan Sazerac WC
cero Ioves Nisse sc WC
cerous Iow nissen Sc we
cervine Iowa nisus scam wean
cervix Ir Niu scams weaner
cesaro IR Niue scan weaners
cesser ir Niv scanner weans
cession IRA niven scanners wear
cessions IRA niven's scans wearer
cesura Iran niveous scansion wearers
CI Iranian nixie scar wearier
Ci Iranians Nixon scarce wearies
Cia ire Nizam scarcer weariness
Cianca Irena NMOS scare wearisome
Ciano Irene NNE scarecrow wearisomeness
Ciao irenicon NNW scarecrows wears
Cicero irenics No scarer weave
cicerone ires no scares weaver
ciceroni iris noam scars weavers
Cie irises noces scarves weaves
Cima Irma nocuous scenario wee
Cimarron iron Noe scenarios Weems
cimex ironer noesis scene ween
cimices ironic noise scenes weenie
Cimmerian irons noises scenic weenies
Cimon iron-ware noisier science weer
cine IRS noisiness sciences wee-wee
cinema Irus noisome scion weiners
cinemas Irvine Noma scions weir
cineraria Irwin nomas scission weirs
cinereous is Nome scissor Weiss
cinerin Isa nomen scissure wen
cines Isaac Nomi sciurine wensum
Cini Isar nominee Scm Wera
cinna Isiac nominees sconce were
cinnamon Isis nomism scone we're
cinzano Isma non scones Werner
CIO ism's Nona score Werra
cion ISO nonce scorer Wes
circa isomer non-com scorers Wesa
Circassian isomerise none scores Wessex
Circe isomers nonie score's we've
Circean issawis non-iron scoriae wie
circum Issei non-numeric scorn wiener
circumcise Issi Nono scorner Wier
circumcision Issie no-no scorners Wiese
circus issuance non-riverine scorns win
circuses issue non-roman scour wince
Cirri issuer non-screen scourer Wincer
cirrose issues nonsense scourers winces
cirrus Issus nonsenses scours wine
cisc Isus non-serious scouse winer
cisco IU nonswimmer scow wines
ciscos IV non-u scows winier
Civia iv non-user scr Winn
civic Iva nonzero scram Winna
civics Ivana non-zero scrams winner
civies Ivar noo scran winners
civism Ive noon scrawnier Winnie
civvies I've no-one scrawniness winnow
CM ives no-ones scream winnows
CNS Ivie no-one's screamer wino
CO Iviza noons screams winos
coarse ivor noose scree wins
coarsen ivories nooses screen winsome
coarseness IW nor screens winsor
coarsens iw Nor screen's Wira
coarser iwis Nora screes wire
coax Iwo Noreen screw wirer
coaxes IX noria screwer wires
coca ixia norm screwers wirra
cocaine Ixion Norma screwier wis
cocainise Iz Norman screwiness Wisconsin
cocas Izanami norms screws wise
cocci Izmir Norn scrim wiser
coccus M Norris scriven wivern
cocoa m Norse scriveners wives
cocoas M' Norvan scrum wiz
cocoon ma norvic scrums wizen
cocoons ma nos SCS wizens
cocos Ma no-score scum WMC
coe MAA nose scummier WMO
coerce ma'am nose cone scums WNW
coercer maar noser scurries wo
coerces Maas nosers SE WO
coercion mac noses sea woe
coercions macaco nosier sea cow woes
coercive Macao nosiness sea mew woesome
co-examiner macaroni noumenon sea moss woman
coin macaronis noun sea mouse womanise
coins macaroon nouns sea onion womaniser
coir Macassar nourice sea raven woman's
coirs macau nous sea-ear women
com macaw nouveau seam womens
Com macaws Nov seaman women's
coma mace nova seaman's womera
comas macer novae seamen won
come maces Novara seamers won
come across maco novas Seami woo
come in Macon novice seams woo
come over macrame novices seamus wooer
comecon macro Novum seance wooers
come-on macron now seances wooes
comer macros nowness sear woomera
comers macrurous nows Sears woos
comes mac's now's seas worcs
comic Mae Nox sea's wore
comics Mae noxious season worm
comma Maecenas noxiousness seasons worm-can
commas Maeon nr season's worms
commence Mai Ns seawar worn
commences Maia NS seaworms worrier
commerce maim ns sec worriers
commie maims N-S secco worries
commies main NSA secern worrisome
commis Main NSC secession worse
commissar Maine NSW secs worsen
commission Mainer nu secure worseness
commissioner mains nuance securer worsens
commissioners Mainz nuances secures wove
commissions mair nuisance secures's woven
commo Maire nuisances securicor Wow
common Maise numen securicor's wowie
Common era maize numer see wr
common man maizes numeric see WRA
common measure mam numerous seem WRAC
common noun mama numina Seema wren
common room mamma numinous seemer wrens
commoner mammae nun seems Wu
commoners mammas Nun seen Wun
common-room mammee nuncio Seena wus
commons mammon nuncios seer WVA
commonsense mammons nunes seers WVS
commune Mamor nunneries sees X
communes mamzer nuns seesaw x
communion man nun's seine Xavier
communions man Nur seine x-axis
communism Manama Nurmi seise xc
communisms manas nurse seismic Xe
comose Mancunian nurseries seismism Xeno
Comus mane nurses seize xenon
con manea nurse's seizer Xeres
con manes nux vomica seizers xerosis
con amore manes nv seizes Xerox
con man Mani NW-SE seizure Xeroxes
conan mania NZ seizures Xerxes
concave Mania O sem Xever
conceive maniac o sememe XI
conceives maniacs o' semen XII
concern manias O m semens ximenes
concerns manic O man Semeru ximenez
concession manicure OAO semi XIV
concessionaire manna oar semicoma Xmas
concessions manner oars semi-conscious XN
concise mannerism oarsman seminar xoanon
conciseness mannerisms OAS seminarian xorns
concision manners oases seminars xr
concourse mannose oasis semis XV
concur Mann's Oaxaca semi-serious XVIII
concurrence Mano OC sen xw
concurs manoeuvre Oc sena XX
concuss manoeuvrer oca Seneca XXVII
concusses manoeuvres Oca Senecan XXVIII
concussion manor ocarina senior Z
cone manors Occam seniors z
conenose man-o-war Occam's senna zac
cones mans occasion senor zaire
conic man's occasions Senora Zairean
conics manse occur sense Zama
conies mansion occurrence senses zamarra
coniine mansions occurrences sensor zamia
conium Manu occurs sensors zanier
con-man manumission ocean sensuous zaniness
con-men manure Oceania Senusi zanussi
conn manures Oceanian Senusis Zanze
Conner manus oceanic Senussi Zara
Conners Manxman oceans senza Zaria
connexion Mao Oceanus Sera zax
connexions Maoism OCR serais z-axis
Connie Maori ocrea sere Zea
connivance maoris ocreae serein zee
connive mao's OE serena zee
connives mar oe serene zeeman
connoisseur Mar Oe sereneness zein
connoisseurs maraca OEM seriema Zen
Connor maracas oer series zenana
Connors marasca o'er serious zener
Conon Marc oeuvre sermon Zeno
cons Marc Oi sermoniser zero
conscience Marcan Oina sermons zero in
consciences Marceau Oise Serra zeroes
conscious Marcia Om serre zeros
consensus Marco Oman serum Zeus
conserve marconi omar's serums ZI
conserves marconi's omasum serve Zima
consomme marcos omen server Zimmer
consonance marcs omens servers zinc
consume Marcus omer server's zincous
consumer mare omicron serves zincs
consumerism maremma ominous Servian zinnia
consumers mares omission service Zion
consumes mari omissions service ace Zionism
conure Mari omniscience service area zircon
convenance maria omnium serviceman zirconium
convene Marian omnivorous servicemen zircons
convener Mariana Omura services Ziv
convenience Marianne on service's Zn
conveniences Marie on servo zo
convenor Marin onanism servos zoa
convenors marina onassis sesame Zoa
converse marinara on-axis sesames zoaea
converses marine once session Zoar
conversion mariner once-over Seuss Zoe
conversions mariners oncer Seve zoea
convex marines oncers seven Zoi
convince Mario one sevens zone
convinces Marion one-man sever zoner
convive marion's one-ness severance zones
convives marner one-one severe zoo
Coo Maroc one-on-one severeness zoom
Cooe marocain oner severer zoomes
cooee maroon one-room severies zooms
coom maroons onerous Severn zoon
coons Maros ones severs zoos
Coos Marou one's sew zori
cor marram one-session sewer zorin
cora marries one-woman sewers Zorn's
core marron onion sewn Zouave
Core marrons onions sews Zr
core marrow onus sex Zsa
cores marrows onuses sexes Zz
coriaceous Mars Oo sexier ZZ